Pre-Order 2020 Pace & Pattern Planner

Pre-Order 2020 Pace & Pattern Planner


Pre-order the Pace & Pattern 2020 planner to receive one as soon as we have them in hand (they should be ready for shipment by the first week of November at the latest!) We only print a limited amount each year, so pre-ordering guarantees you’ll receive a copy.


Pace & Pattern is a planner and a method designed to help you clarify your personal vision and integrate your goals into your real life. This planner takes you from a high-level purpose, through setting meaningful and realistic goals, into mapping out your months, weeks, and days.


  • Ethically produced in the USA

  • 8.5" X 8.5" X 1"

  • Linen Cloth-Bound Book (Ink blue this year)

  • Stamped logo

  • Ivory paper

  • Satin ribbon bookmark (light blue)


  • A step-by-step introduction to the Pace & Pattern method

  • Personal reflection and vision-casting worksheets

  • 2020-at-a-glance calendar

  • And then for each quarter (4 sets):

    • Goal brainstorming page based on your vision (4 total)

    • A Habit formation plan (There are also 4 more in the back-8 total)

    • 1 Habit Tracker (There are also 4 more in the back- 8 total)

    • 1 Rhythm Integration tool (There are also 4 more in the back- 8 total)

    • 1 Project Planning tool (There are also 4 more in the back -8 total)

    • Design Your Dream Ordinary week planner (4 total)

    • Monthly planning calendars for each month (12)

    • Weekly planning calendars for each week (52)

    • Monthly reflection tool (12)

    • Brainstorming and notes page (12)

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