How it all started

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New Years is and always has been my favorite holiday. It isn’t because of the champagne, or the sparklers or the kissing at midnight, although I enjoy all of those things. What I really love most about New Years is that it represents a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to reflect and think about making real changes to shape my life for the better.

Every year was the same story. I would whip out my colorful pens, buy a new agenda and write my goals. Hope and dream about this year finally being the year I would exercise three times a week, and keep my home clean, and send birthday cards, and get in the Word regularly, and stop eating so much sugar, and on and on and on … and then fall flat by mid-February. And barely be able to remember what my goals were by June.

I have read many books and blogs on goal-setting, I know most of the tricks of the trade, so why then are my goals the same year after year? Why can’t I seem to be consistent and follow-through with my vision? Is it because I am an ENFP? Is it because I lack the self-discipline necessary to make real changes in my life?

I really hope not.

I want my life to be full of time spent being present, using my hands, having good conversations, and doing things that make me feel alive. At the end of the day, I want to go to bed satisfied and grateful.

This is why I am set out on this journey to create a method of goal-setting that’s sustainable for someone like me. My aim is not to create a pull your-self up by your bootstraps approach to goal-setting, but rather to a friendly method that will help make ordinary dreams come true in everyday life.


The Inspiration Behind the Pace & Pattern Method

This method was created by combining some of my favorite ideas and techniques from great thinkers along with practical wisdom borrowed from friends and family ( + a little personal experience mixed in). To check out some of the books that inspired click here!


How it Works

Our method is all about how the right kind of goals can be a filter to help you think about how you spend your most precious resource of time: to where you can actually “do less” but accomplish more. 

Pace & Pattern is NOT about cramming more “shoulds” onto your already full to-do list. It isn’t t about pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion by trying to do it all. It isn’t about sleeping less and spreading yourself too thin.

Pace & Pattern IS about being proactive and choosing to protect the areas of your life that matter most, against the cultural current of busyness and distraction. It is about using your time and energy well. It is about setting realistic goals that you can maintain even in the chaos of your real life. It is about having breathing room and feeling satisfied while doing less, but better and using the gifts you’ve been given to make an impact where you are right now.

Click here to see an overview of the steps